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Dear Friends

We've reconsidered the complete shutdown of the guest house and have decided to keep two rooms open, mainly for old friends and repeat guests.  The rooms are the Large Twin and the Small Double, next to the guests' lounge. 


The cottages and the Apartment will be rented out long-term to tenants.  The nice thing about retaining these two rooms for guests, is that Mum will have a flow of old friends and new.  There are a few changes though.  There will be occasional maid service, and breakfast will no longer be served.  However, the guests are welcome to buy their own food and use the shared kitchen.  All we ask is that everyone cleans up after themselves.  Guests will of course continue to have full use of the guest lounge and dining area, as well as the front & back garden.


Because there will usually be only four guests or fewer, Salt Kettle House will fall below the tax threshold, so there will be no additional government taxes to pay.  This is reflected in the rates:


Large Twin, single person ~$100.00

Large Twin, two people ~ $80.00 per person per night

Small Double, single person ~ $100.00

Small Double, two people ~ $70.00 per person per night


We really hope you think about coming back to Salt Kettle and staying with us again.


Best regards,


Mike, Suzie, John and Jane

                           ~ Your Home Away From Home ~


 Salt Kettle Guest House has been a family run business for more than forty years.
It’s ideal location, friendly and informal atmosphere lures visitors back each year.
Sit back and relax in one of the Adirondack chairs on the front lawn and watch the exquisite sun
as it sets over the Great Sound.

Salt Kettle House has changed direction!
We have reduced from a maximum of 16 guests to just 4, retaining two lovely rooms in the main house, both with private bathrooms.


The back of Salt Kettle House is situated on a secluded bay where you can cool off in the tranquil water.

Guests like to relax in the comfortable lounge with cable TV, books and a fireplace for winter. There is also a fully-equipped kitchen where guests may store their food and prepare meals.


A Little History of Salt Kettle Guest House

Hazel and Bobby Lowe returned to Bermuda in 1966 after working in Africa.  Bobby Lowe was a Bermudian by birth and Hazel is originally from Kent, UK.  They met in Oxford where Bobby was a Rhodes Scholar and Hazel was a nurse. 
They bought Salt Kettle Guest House during their lunch hour, in February 1970! 

They moored their sail boat in Salt Kettle bay and they had always admired the possibilities this wonderful old property offered.  They knew that with some hard work, TLC and diligence they could create a haven, a 'home-away-from-home', that visitors would want to return to year after year…and so they embarked  on rejuvenating Salt Kettle Guest House.


 Salt Kettle is so named after the salt trade that existed between Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos Islands .  The salt was delivered by ship and unloaded in the bay at the back of the Guest House - the bay is in the shape of a kettle, thus the name.  Parts of the Guest House are nearly 300 years old.
Winslow Homer painted a famous picture of the bay (Prudens Bay) in 1899.

Salt Kettle is a very much family run establishment with a home atmosphere. Hazel is still a very important part of Salt Kettle House and it is because of her warm and welcoming spirit that so many guests have been returning for so many years, some as many as thirty. Many guests consider Salt Kettle house to be their second home and everyone comments on the happy relaxed air it exudes.

Hazel has four children, Mike, Suzie, John & Jane, who all help with the day-to-day running of
this small but busy guest house.


To watch an interview with Hazel Lowe about the history of Salt Kettle Guest House
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